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 Jaens Bali Private Tours is the best way to experience the beauty and cultural side of Bali. Being a local resident Jaens will be able to give you a look into the Balinese way of life. Wether it be in the thriving tourist district of Ubud, or the hustle and bustle of busy Denpasar, the quiet quaint villages on the outskirts of Bali or just the peace of mind of having a reputable driver meet you at the airport which can be a daunting experience for the first time traveler. Jaens Bali Private tours will enable you to travel safely, and most of all enjoy your holiday without the hassle of finding a reliable driver in Bali. Bali Private Tours is the way to go....after all a holiday is a time to relax and experience new things and you can be assured you will be able to if you choose to see Bali with us.

So, beside the package tour that I made also I'm available anytime of the day, one hour, two hours, and so on all daily, weekly, hire at competitive rates. I will do  best price for early booking !!
And, I'm available for tours to tourist sites or will take to cheaper shopping places or other part of the island that you want to go....... water sport, rafting cycling, snorkeling, turtle island and  anymore.

Come and see Bali Paradise Island and with Bali Private Tours.

I use AC which is convenient until 7 peoples. Transport service cost is  (IDR. 20.000-600.000). We available also hour hire, one hour only for Rp 60.000, but minimum use for 6 hours. including: car, driver, petrol, parking fee, sarong and mineral water. Entrance fees, Ticket for performance are on your own extra charge.



Hi Jaens....we would also like to thank you both for the day tour around Bali. It was really nice to see Bali the different areas of Bali which are not usually offered in tours. We also appreciate the new friendship which was formed along the way.
We both look forward to hearing from you and visting again in the future,

Yannick Kim Luck "Australia

About me

About Me :

Thank you for your attention of knowing more about me. In an effort to serve you, my full name is Gusti Ketut Jayeng Saputra, but you can call me Ketut . It's much easier for people to remember. The fourth child of five siblings. I was born on June 27th, 1986 at a small village called Bondalem, Singaraja Buleleng  District.
Most of my life, I have spent in my village where most people are farmer, so I also automatically have to live as farmer. After graduating from high school in Singaraja, I worked for one year as a farmer while I learn and practice my English for my future and finally after one years working in the garden, I then decided to go to a university in STP Nusa Dua Bali took Management Spa Program for 3 degree. I trened for six moths at Four Season Resort and Spa at Sayan Ubud Than I worked for one year as assitant spa manager. I than decided to resign and open my own shop for Spa names Jaens Spa. I often help some of my guest who want make a tour around Bali.
I never dreamed of becoming a tour guide, but I say enough honesty that I am very proud to have the opportunity to share my beautiful country with people and introduce them with a unique Balinese culture. I have been sharing the beauty of Bali with tourists from around the world. For several years, I take people on tours around Bali to discover the hidden beauty and to introduce people to the local communities, villages and their way of life. That is the right time for me to polish my English, because I have much chance to practice for a leisurely walk through the beautiful countryside. As I have matured and become more proficient in communication skills, I am tempted to share more about the beauty of the island. This certainly caused me to become a tour guide, and within a short time I began taking people on a wonderful tour around the island.
Among the many experiences, which I have gained as a tour guide is a renewed sense of pride and appreciation for nature and the tremendous wealth of our island and culture. I want to share the beauty with everyone who wants to see and experience the real Bali. As somebody who has spent my entire life living in rural areas, I know where to find magic, hidden parts of the island as well as the famous tourist resort.
Based on the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years, I like to give you service, value for money and experience you will not forget and also provide the best comfort during the holidays in Bali. I am proud to share all the beauty and mystery of my country with you, so you can bring home a wonderful story to tell people you love, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Travel Tip

Below are some simple but useful tips that can make your vacation in Bali is running smoothly and more fun. This simple but if you fail to comply may damage your exciting holiday.
Should do... 
·         Leave your important documents in your hotel safe deposit box and wandering around with the copies.
·         Change money at a reputable looking location, check whether the commission added or not.
·         Drink a lot of bottled water as you may dehydrated easily.
·         Show your respect by wearing sarong when entering holy places like temple.
·         Try not step on offerings in the street ( walk around them ).
·         Respect the slow pace of processions, if stuck behind one don’t honk your horn!
·         Have a great holiday!
Shouldn't do...
·         Forget to reconfirm your flight 72 hours prior to flying.
·         Use your left hand in shaking hand or handing over something to someone as it is considered impolite. If there is no other option then express your apology.
·         Forget to look and listen while crossing the road. Car may stop, but motorbikes may not!
·         Step in front of anyone who are praying to snap a photo
·         Sit higher than the local priest conducting the ceremony
·         Enter holy places/ temple during menstruation
·         Touch people’s heads even children as it considers offensive.
·         Deal in drugs. The death penalty is awaited.
Swim outside designated areas on the beach.

Tour Service

( IDR 20.000 - IDR 600.000 )
Email us for more detail 

You may have researched and planned your own personal program from home before coming to Bali. See Bali the way you want it to be. Choice of a half-day (5 – 6 hours) and a full-day (8 – 12 hours) tour.
Our guide will show you the island’s sites of interest at your convenience. Be it a temples expedition, an exploration of the islands natural beauties or just an expert assistance on what to buy. We will assure that every hour you spend is truly enjoyable. 
We like to give you service, value for money and an experience you won’t forget.

we will pick and drop off you to your hotel where you stay in Bali 
Ours service price from IDR 20.000 until IDR 600.000 transper,  for half or full day tour and
we have special package for Tour 
We available also hour hire, one hour only IDR 60.000, minimum use for 6 hours around

Drop and Pick Up from Ubud area


Length time

One way

Around trip

around Ubud
10 mnt – 20 mnt
IDR 20.000
IDR 30.000
7Km – 10Km
20 mnt – 30 mnt
IDR 60.000
IDR 100.000
40 mnt – 50 mnt
IDR 150.000
IDR 250.000
45 mnt – 60 mnt
IDR 180.000
IDR 320.000
60 mnt – 75 mnt
IDR 200.000
IDR 360.000
75 mnt – 85 mnt
IDR 200.000
IDR 360.000
75 mnt – 85 mnt
IDR 200.000
IDR 360.000
75 mnt – 90 mnt
IDR 250.000 pick    IDR 200.000 drop
80 mnt – 100 mnt
IDR 250.000
IDR 400.000
Nusa Dua
90 mnt – 120 mnt
IDR 280.000
IDR 450.000
45 mnt – 60 mnt
IDR 160.000
IDR 300.000
Padang Bay
60 mnt– 75 mnt
IDR 250.000
IDR 400.000
60 mnt – 75 mnt
IDR 250.000
IDR 400.000
Candi Dasa
80 mnt– 100 mnt
IDR 300.000
IDR 500.000
90 mnt– 120 mnt
IDR 350.000
IDR 550.000
120mnt – 150mnt
IDR 450.000
IDR 600.000

Sample Tour : LOVINA TOUR

 Package 1
One day tour normally 12h for
Beratan lake tample, Gigit waterfall, natural hot spring, Buddhism temple,   
 car  ( max 6 people )
parking area
car entrance
Rp 600.000,- ( $64 ) per one car

Package 2
dolphin bout  and Balinese guide  fee 
snorkeling  equipment and Balinese guide
breakfast (with Balinese cake)  
entrance ticket  (hot spring, water fall, beratan lake)
-          lunch ( grill fish in Balinese style souse or Balinese ( sucking pig ) or other  food   at your choice
Rp 350.000,- ( $ 37 ) per person  + package 1
 Departure time   From  4.00am – 5.00pm or finish, at 6am start with bout to see dolphins

 Package 3
1 hour Balinese relaxation massage at ( Jaens Spa Ubud, ) to release tired after  1 day tour
Rp 150.000,- ( $16 ) per person  + package 1
Departure time   From  7.00am – 7.00pm or finish, normally 12 hour without  see dolphin

Package 4
entrance ticket  (hot spring, water fall, beratan lake)
lunch ( grill fish in Balinese style souse or   Balinese babi guling ( sucking pig ) or  food   at your choice
Rp 150.000,- ( $16 ) per person + package1

Package 5
Package 3
Package 4
Rp 250.000,- ( $27 ) per person + package1

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